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Dear Students and Parents,


Greetings from the English Department at Sturgis Charter Public School which is once again following a community-based summer reading approach for the 2023-2024 academic year.  Works were proposed by our faculty and staff across a spectrum of interests ranging from fiction to science. 


Our primary goals are for students to enjoy reading and to begin the school year with a common discussion experience. To reach these goals, students will choose a book of their own interest from the list of choices proposed by Sturgis faculty and staff.  Therefore, it is important that students in grades 9-11 select one book from the list provided, and for returning students, please do not select the same book you chose last year if it reappears on this year’s list. Students entering grade 12 do not have a summer reading requirement due to the expectation that they will be working on extended essays and CAS requirements over the summer.   

During the opening days of school during our 2023-2024 academic year, students will be divided into small discussion groups according to the text they have chosen, and Sturgis faculty and staff members will help facilitate a discussion in each group. There is no assessment connected to each discussion although English teachers might assess students on their summer reading choice through a discussion, an in-class written response, or an oral presentation in their own classes.


In the spirit of intellectual and academic pursuit, it is expected that students will not use reading aids such as Spark Notes or merely watch any possible film versions of a text.


If you have questions regarding summer reading, please contact one of the following: 

Abby Rhoads (arhoads@sturgischarterschool.org) if your child is attending Sturgis West, or

Bob Wojtowicz (bwojtowicz@sturgischarterschool.org) if your child is attending Sturgis East.


Enjoy the summer and enjoy your reading!



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