So Much More Than A Classroom


Sturgis Charter Public School understands that a fully developed student requires exposure to activities and pursuits outside of the classroom. We offer students the opportunity to get involved in a variety of clubs, sports teams, and creative passions!

Recent Student Experiences

The faculty at Sturgis made sure to always go above and beyond to help us with life in and outside of school. Many teachers volunteered to lead organizations and many volunteered their time to help us with applying to colleges and other out of school endeavors. They really do respect and care for the student body.

There are so many options for clubs and activities at Sturgis. Students can make any club that they want (as long as they have a teacher supervisor!), so there are very few limitations. The community is always ready to be engaged in new clubs or go to new events (even the teachers are curious and involved).

I absolutely love my school. The best decision i have ever made was going to Sturgis. I love the students and teachers. We by far have the most school spirit I have ever seen and are a very tight-knit community.

Sturgis has prepared me in numerous ways for college and beyond. I had my best memories at this school. The teachers are the most caring people you will meet, they are always there to help you succeed in whatever you may do.

Sturgis made me more open-minded, inquisitive, knowledgeable, and willing to take risks. I am a better communicator, thinker, and reflector in all aspects of life. The wonderful culture taught me not only academically, but morally and idealistically.

Sturgis is a challenging school. But the people and closeness within the community are what make this school great! The support others give you for the rigorous academics creates a tight-knit community. And to top it all off- it’s IB for all.

Offering Numerous Creative Electives

The Sturgis Curriculum offers extensive exposure to the creative arts. Our electives offer students an opportunity to explore theatre, design, music, and more. 

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