Sturgis Charter Public School received its authorization to offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme in 2004. Despite having a non-selective admission policy with students gaining entrance via a lottery, Sturgis challenges conventional wisdom by offering students a unique “IB for All” experience in which all courses for grades 11-12 are IB with no non-IB alternative courses and all courses in grades 9-10 are IB prep. Ensuring college readiness is our ultimate goal as students take a minimum of six IB courses in grade 11 and in grade 12.

The IB Program

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Frequently Asked Questions

There is no cost to attend Sturgis as this is a public school.

First, you must apply to the non-selective lottery during the application period (see details here)

Then, your application is entered into a lottery.

Students use public busing, carpools, and/or drive to school. Students who qualify can receive bus passes paid for by Sturgis.

Sturgis East and West offer the exact same curriculum, Athletics opportunities, and the Arts extracurricular activities. The difference lies in the two campus locations. Sturgis East is located at 427 Main Street, Hyannis, where Sturgis West is located at 105 West Main Street, Hyannis.

Students will be given supply lists by their individual teachers during the first week of school.

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“Finally, there is no substitute for a mature set of humanistic values that adults model and that guide key decisions at the school. [Sturgis], for example, sought a tricky balance that would enable it to be a school that was highly committed to equity and yet not all-consumed by scores on IB exams. Holding this balance was what made the school what it was. On the one hand, had its leaders fallen into the trap of many other schools, by trying simply to maximize scores, they would have increased the test-prep focus and drained much of the intellectual vitality from the school. On the other hand, had they not been so committed to equity, reducing the focus on outcomes could have significantly lowered standards and increased inequality. More generally, having adults who really cared about their students, who knew when to push and when to support, was critical to the success of all the good schools that we encountered”.

US News and World Report Charter School Rankings: 59 Charter School in US

Offering Comprehensive Student Support

The Sturgis Curriculum offers extensive exposure to the creative arts. Our electives offer students an opportunity to explore theatre, design, dance, music, and more. 

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