Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC)

SEPAC Chairperson: Jane Estey
Phone #508-367-1491​  Email: ​janeestey@yahoo.com

Purpose of the SEPAC

The mission of the Sturgis Charter Public School SEPAC is to work for understanding of, respect for, and support of all students in the Sturgis community, particularly students with disabilities.  To that end, they will work to:

  • Promote a network of parents of students with disabilities and provide a forum to share information
  • Offer a yearly review of Parent Rights in Special Education
  • Promote communication and programs within the Sturgis community to encourage understanding, acceptance and inclusion.
  • Advise the Sturgis Special Education Administration, Leaders of the School and the Board of Directors. Communication about special education programs, parent and teacher needs and help develop procedures as the need arises.
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