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Midterms Exam Information

Midterm will take place on January 18-21. Dismissal will be at 1:00 Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and 10:25 on Friday.

Days:                                  Exam Periods:

1/18   Tuesday                  A, B

1/19   Wednesday            C, D

1/20   Thursday                E, F

1/21   Friday                      G, Makeup


Students should:

  • Turn cell phones off and remove smart watches. Place them in collection location as indicated by teacher
  • Put away all music, notes, and other inappropriate exam material
  • Be spaced appropriately from one another when sitting the test
  • Only be allowed out of the room for emergencies
  • Only be let out of the room one at a time in the case of such emergencies
  • Bring silent work to do if they finish the exam early


9th and 10th grade students will receive their second semester schedules via the Community Portal no later than the week of midterm exams.

January 12-14 will be  review days. The schedule is available HERE.

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