Technology Expectations and Information for the 20-21 School Year

Please see the latest information on Loaner Device Pickup (updated 9/15)


Each student should have a fully charged device available for their individual use daily, regardless of the learning model (fully remote or hybrid). Students may use their own device (a Windows or Mac laptop or a Chromebook), or Sturgis can provide a 1:1 Chromebook to any student who needs one, to avoid sharing devices. 1:1 devices can go home, and families will be responsible for any loss or damage per the Responsible Use Policy (RUP). Students learning from home will participate in class via Google Meet. Those at home, especially those with other family members learning and working remotely, should consider purchasing earbuds or headphones with a microphone to better hear and participate in the Meet.

Families should be aware that school-issued Chromebooks can only be logged into with a Sturgis email account, and will be monitored via GoGuardian software whether on campus or at home to help keep students safe online.

CHROMEBOOKS: The use of a Sturgis-provided Chromebook is for that student’s educational purposes only. Students and parents must sign a Responsible Use Policy (RUP) to which students must adhere. The RUP includes guidelines for resolving any damage or loss of the Chromebook. An option for a sturdy case that families could purchase to protect the Sturgis Chromebook will be provided.


Classroom teachers will each have a desktop computer to project files and websites, plus a Chromebook to run a class Meet. The teacher can utilize the whiteboard and projected content while talking and teaching in front of the Meet and the classroom simultaneously, so students in the classroom, as well as remote, get the full advantage of the teacher’s instruction and classmate participation.

Please note that we have invested in significant upgrades to our Google suite, internet bandwidth, and Google-related professional development to ensure a much more robust and user-friendly student and faculty experience this year.

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