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Technology Information

Please see the latest information on Loaner Device Pickup (updated 8/30/23)


Each student should have a fully charged device available for their individual use daily. Students may use their own device (a Windows or Mac laptop or a Chromebook). Students may also request a 1:1 loaner device and families will be responsible for any loss or damage per the Responsible Use Policy (RUP).

Families should be aware that school-issued Chromebooks can only be logged into with a Sturgis email account, and will be monitored via GoGuardian software whether on campus or at home to help keep students safe online.

CHROMEBOOKS: The use of a Sturgis-provided Chromebook is for that student’s educational purposes only. Students and parents must sign a Responsible Use Policy (RUP) to which students must adhere.


Please note that we have invested in significant upgrades to our Google suite, internet bandwidth, and Google-related professional development to ensure a much more robust and user-friendly student and faculty experience this year.

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