School Counseling

Supporting the Sturgis Mission

Our Philosophy

The School Counseling Department supports the educational mission of Sturgis Charter Public School through the provision of personal, academic, college and career counseling. We work in collaboration with teachers, parents and administrators to promote and enhance the development of all students.


Chart Your Course

Our counseling team has put together a comprehensive guide to helping students navigate the challenging and often overwhelming waters of the college search process. This handbook includes insight for finding the right college fit, submitting applications, and dealing with financial aid.

Students pose with Golden Retriever therapy dog, all smiles!

Dedicated To Student Wellbeing

Sturgis Counseling offers student support at each step of the student’s journey. Our counselors want to help students identify their strengths, find their voice, and pursue their passion.

Have A Quick Question?

Fill out the adjacent form, and a member of the Sturgis staff will reach out as soon as possible to help answer it. You can also give us a call at the numbers located below during normal school hours.

Sturgis East Main Office: (508) 778-1782
Sturgis West Main Office: (508) 771-2780

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