Curriculum Support- WEST CAMPUS

Travis Andrade Latin x- until 4:30     Every day during lunch
Kristen Anthony French   x    
Anna Botsford Theatre   x during lunch   By appointment after school, Wed. during lunch
Julie Carman English       any day by apt.
Joselle Dellamorte French       After school days 1,2,6,7 and during lunch by appointment
Tom DeBrita Math   x    
Elise Edmonson History x   x Also E block
Jolanda Ferguson English x x   Most lunches in room 216; by appointment
Nathan Furey Special Ed   x    
Eric Hillebrand History     x  
Matt Hodge English   x   All other days by apt. Lunch Mon-Thurs
Lynn Kelley History     x lunch or before school by appt.
Gina Kelly Science       Lunches Tuesdays and Thursdays and Break on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays. students must sign up for specific time slots using sign-up sheet posted on classroom wall
Mary Kulhowvick English   x    
Caroline Lee Latin   x    
Mathew Lee History   x    
Jessica Lynch Special Ed   x    
Michele Mapes Math   x    
Christine McDowell Special Ed   x    
Steve McDowell English x      
Liz Moore Music   x   C and E block
Maxanne Most Science x   x Friday, also free B & F block
John Newcombe Math     x  
Katie O’Hara Special Ed     x before school daily
Dennis Pace Science/Math   x    
Al Pagenkopf Math   x   Lunches Monday & Tuesday
Arthur Pontes English       Any day by appointment at lunch, after school, or during study hall.
Elie Rabinowitz Spanish   x    
Abby Rhoads English   x   before school M-F
Pete Richenburg Art   x- until 4:30   lunch daily, before school daily, C block by appointment
Geneva Robinson Latin   x   B period
Erica Scott Special Ed   x    
Justin Scott History x   x (most days)  
Lindsay Scott Spanish     x lunch by appointment
Robin Singer Math x     all other days by apt. Lunch Mon-Thurs by apt. any break
John Tecklenburg Science   x   anytime on request
Ilan Vaisman Spanish     x lunch + A/G block by appointment
Jen Walts English       Wednesday
Rich Weida Math     x  
Tonya Weimer Science   x   Lunch on Thursdays
Tom Wooton History   x   lunch by appointment