Student Support WEST

Department Title Email Web Page
Student Support Athletic Director Brij Anand  
  Assistant Athletic Director/td> Matt Lee  
  Tech Coordinator Kathleen Power  
  Technology Support Michele Colley  
  IB Coordinator Julie Carman  
  Assistant IB Coordinator John Newcombe  
  IB Technology Support Justin Scott  
  ELL Coordinator
CAS Coordinator
Christine McDowell  
  Assistant CAS Coordinator Abby Rhoads  
  ELL Teacher
Assistant ELL Coordinator
Spec. Ed. Inclusion Support
Alyssa McClorey  
  Librarian Laura Carah  
  Nurse Jenna Arledge  
  Co-Registrar Joann Johnson Prygocki  
  Co-Registrar Sandra Lucci  
  Lead Administrative Assistant Maureen Starr  
  Administrative Assistant Marjorie Chaprales  
  Director of Finance Jim Albrecht  
  Assistant to Director of Finance Rebekah Benedict  
  Assitant to Director of Finance Steve DeTora  
  School Social Worker Kate MacIntosh  
  Community Outreach,
Grants, Fundraising
Marion Weeks  
  Assistant Community Outreach Will Mathews  
  Lead Counselor Sue Whalley  
  Counselor Kristin Nissen  
  Counselor Catherine Yates  
  Counselor Kristine May  
  Guidance Office Assistant Stacey Locasio  
Special Education Special Ed Coordinator Jessica Lynch  
  Special Ed Teacher
Assistant Sped. Ed. Coordinator
Katie O'Hara  
  Special Ed Teacher Teresa Pacheco  
  Special Ed Jack Enos  
  Special Ed Nathan Furey  
  Special Ed Mike Jeghers  
  Special Ed Rob Mullen