STURGIS WEST Faculty by Department

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Arts and Electives


Lead Teacher/Theatre

Anna Botsford

Theater 9
IB Theater HL/SL1
IB Theater HL/SL2

  Dance Michele Colley

Dance 9
Dance 10
Journal Tips

  Music Elisabeth Moore

Music 9
Music 10
Choir 9 & 10
IB Music SL/HL

  Theatre Diana Young Theatre 10  
  Art Peter Richenburg Art 9
Art 10

IB Art SL/HL 1
IB Art SL/HL 2


Brij Anand
Anna Botsford
Christine Mcdowell
Abby Rhoads

Wellness - Botsford

Wellness - Rhoads

  IB Business Jessie Wilburn IB Bus HL/SL1
IB Bus HL2

  IB Psychology Stacey Locascio IB Psych SL1  
  IB ITGS Justin Scott IB ITGS HL2  
  IB Computer Sciene Aaron Dunigan-Atlee IB Comp Sci HLSL  

West English Student Handbook

  Lead Teacher Julie Carman IB English HL1  
    Jolanda Ferguson

English 1
English SL2

    Steve McDowell

English 2
English HL2

    Dillon Mee

English 1
IB Eng SL1

    Beverly Racine

English 2
English SL2

    Abby Rhoads

English SL2

    Jen Walts

English 2
English SL1

  Lead Teacher Matthew Lee US Hist1
IB Hst HL2
    Christopher Beard US Hist2
IB Hst SL1
    John Morrow

US Hist1
IB Hst SL1

    Andrea Siaflas

US Hist2
IB Hst SL2

    Justin Scott US Hist2
IB Hst HL1
    Tom Wooten

US Hst1
IB Hst SL2

  Lead Teacher Caroline Lee

Latin 1
IB Lat HL2

    Mary Albis

Latin 2
IB Lat HL1
IB Lat SL2

    Alex Houpert

Latin 2
IB Lat SL1

    Lisa Sears Latin 1  
  Lead Teacher/French Kristen Anthony

French 2

  French Joselle DellaMorte

French 1

  Spanish Marie Bonilla

Spanish 1
IB Spn HL1
IB Spn HL2

  Spanish Savannah Moynihan

Spanish 2
IB Spn SL2

  Spanish Kristina Solheim

Spanish 1
Spanish SL1

  Lead Teacher John Newcombe

IB MStud 1
IB MStud 2

    Truc Bui

Algebra 1
IB Mth HL1

    John Enos

Int Math 10

    Michele King

IB MStud 1
IB MStan 2

    Al Pagenkopf

Int Math 9
Int Math 10
IB Math HL2

    Divya Sharma

Int Math 9

    Robin Singer

IB MStan 1
IB MStud 2

    Richard Weida

IB MStud 1

  Lead Teacher

John Tecklenburg

IB Env SL1
IB Env SL2


    Gina Kelly

Int Sci 9
Int. Sci. Overview
IB Bio HL2
Biology Overview

    Sarah Martinez

Int Sci 9
IB Bio SL1
IB Bio SL2

    Kristine May

IB Bio HL 1

    Maxanne Most

IB Chem HL/SL1
IB Chem SL2
IB Chem HL1
IB Chem HL2

    Dennis Pace

IB Physics SL2
IB Physics HL1
IB Physics HL2

    Divya Sharma

Int Sci 2B
IB Physics HL/SL1

    Jessie Wilburn

Int Sci 2B

Theory of Knowledge        
  TOK Coordinator
Extended Essay Coordinator
Lynn Kelley


  Theory of Knowledge Christine McDowell TOK 1  
IB Coordination        
IB Coordinator Julie Carman    
  Assistant IB Coordinator John Newcombe    
  IB Technology Support Justin Scott    
  CAS Coordinator Christiine McDowell    
  Assistant CAS Coordinator
Ell Coordinator
Abby Rhoads    
Special Education        
  Coordinator Jessica Lynch   Study Skills Blog

Assistant Special Ed Coordinator
Special Ed Teacher

Katie O'Hara Study Skills  
  Special Ed Teacher Theresa Pacheco Study Skills  
  Special Ed Inclusion John Enos    
  Special Ed Inclusion Nate Furey    
  Special Ed Inclusion MIke Jeghers    
  Special Ed Inclusion Rob Mullin    
Student Support        
  English as a Second Language Alyssa McClorey ESL  
  Athletic Director/ Wellness Brij Amand    
  Assistant Atletic Director Matt Lee    
  Tech Coordinator Kathleen Power  
  Tech Support Michele Colley    
  Librarian Laura Carah   Reference Room Catalog
  Nurse Jenna Arledge    
  Co-Registrar Joann Johnson Prygocki    
  Co-Registrar Sandra Lucci    
  Community Outreach, Grants, Fundraision Marion Weeks    
  Assistant Community Outreach Will Mathews    
  Administrative Assistant Maureen Starr    
  Assitant to Director of Finance Rebekah Benedict    
  Assitant to Director of Finance Steve DeTora    
  Administrative Assistant Marjorie Chaprales    
  Lead Counselor Sue Whalley    
  Counselor Katie McIntosh    
  Counselor Kristine May    
  Counselor Kristin Nissen    
  Counselor Catherine Yates    
  School Counseling Admin Asst Stacey Locascio