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Sturgis Featured in Documentary

The Global Learning Network is pleased to announce the release of new video case studies that feature Barrington High School (Rhode Island), Kettle Moraine High School (Wisconsin) and Sturgis Charter Public School (Massachusetts). The videos highlight the ways in which these schools are preparing students for college and career success in the 21st century economy through innovative classroom instruction and district - and school-level policy. We are very grateful to the Barrington, Kettle Moraine, and Sturgis teams for opening their campuses to us and allowing us to showcase their incredible work. Executive Director Paul Marble added a special note of thanks to Sturgis participants: "Thanks to faculty and students who shared their time, thoughts and perspectives for all to see and hear."


Will Common Core undermine an elite college-prep
program’s goal of diversity?

In January 2016, Brenda Iasevoli spent a day at Sturgis Charter Public School. The article she wrote about Common Core, Sturgis and the International Baccalaureate Programme was published in both The Hechinger Report and US News and World Report. Use this link to access the article.


US News and World Report

U.S. News & World Report announced the 2016 Best High Schools rankings, featuring top-performing schools at the national and state level.

The Best High Schools rankings evaluate data on more than 21,500 public high schools to identify which schools are best at preparing students for college and careers. Sturgis received a gold medal and is ranked #1 high school in MA, #11 charter school in US, and #33 high school in US.

Congratulations to Sturgis faculty and students for achieving this recognition of excellence!

For more information, see: US News Best High Schools in Massachusetts 2016


The Washington Post once again recognizes Sturgis

The Washington Post recently announced the 2017 High School Challenge Index based on its review of 2016 data from high schools across the U.S. They ranked Sturgis the #3 public school in MA, #8 public school in the Northeast, and #132 in the U.S (across both public and private schools). Additionally, Sturgis is ranked #1 among MA public schools for the highest "percentage of graduates who passed at least one college-level test during their high school career" with 97%. Congratulations to Sturgis faculty and students for achieving this recognition of excellence!


NEW Executive Director Appointment to Begin July, 2016

Link to Facebook page article
Link to Cape Cod Times article


Eric Hieser is featured in the
March/April 2013 issue of Cape Cod View

"Conversation with Eric Hieser, Executive Director, Sturgis Charter Public School", Cape Cod View, March/April 2013: p.16-17.


Great Results for Sturgis Students

Sturgis students achieved strong results on an international test administered by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development Programme for International Student Assessment (OECD-PISA). The 2-hour test aims to evaluate education systems worldwide by testing the knowledge and skills of 15 year-old students in Reading, Math and Science. 75 Sturgis East and West students who were age 15 on February 7, 2014, were randomly selected to take the test. Sturgis scored in the top 10% of U.S. schools in all three subjects. If Sturgis results were considered as a country's results, the school would have ranked #1 in Reading in the world, just ahead of schools in Shanghai, China; #2 in Science behind schools in Shanghai, China; and #3 in Math behind schools in Shanghai, China and Singapore. In areas of Student Engagement and Learning Environment, Sturgis ranked in the top 10% of schools for Disciplinary Climate and Teacher-Student Relations, and was one of the very top scoring schools in student Self-Efficacy. Sturgis is very proud of the results our students gained when compared to students and schools around the world.


Sturgis Students Explore Deep Sea Robotics

Cape Cod Times article here


Sturgis East hosts a Portuguese language and culture program

After regular school hours, Sturgis East hosts a Portuguese language and culture program as a service to the community. The program is entitled "Preserving Portuguese: Language program helps young students maintain fluency in native tongue" and is offered on Saturdays and Monday evenings during the school year.

Read the Cape Cod Times article about the program.


State Chess Team Tournament, Sturgis East won the 2014 Hurvitz Cup trophy for having the highest score in their division

Congratulations to players Alex Lieberwirth, Jonah Greenberg, Alasdair McEwen, Ben Johnson-Staub and to Coach D-A!

Read more HERE.


Sturgis Awarded MLSC Grant

Eric Hieser attended an event at Cape Cod Community College on April 15 to recognize eight schools in Southeast MA that received grants from Massachusetts Life Sciences Center (MLSC). Senate President Therese Murray and MLSC President and CEO Susan Windham-Bannister congratulated recipients and spoke of the importance of building strong life science academic programs. 

The $100,000 MLSC grant to Sturgis will equip labs on both campuses with biotech tools that parallel modern industry standards. Students will have an opportunity to develop practical lab and research skills that we hope will enable more of them to pursue further education and future career paths in STEM fields. 

For more information CLICK HERE.


Sturgis Student named the first recipient of the The Kurt Giessler Foundation for Youth Achievement Ambition Grant

Congratulations to Matthew Cappucci for being named the first recipient of the The Kurt Giessler Foundation for Youth Achievement Ambition Grant. Matt has a longtime interest and passion for research in meteorology. His research on waterspouts earned him an invitation from the American Meteorological Association to be the youngest person ever invited to speak at their national convention. The $2,100 grant will make it possible to purchase advanced photographic equipment for his study of how waterspouts can help predict dangerous weather on an extremely local level.

For more information CLICK HERE.


Sturgis Student Inspires Peers to Make a Difference

Read the Enterprise article here.


Sturgis teacher honored by the Harvard Club of Boston

View the Cape Cod Times article.


Baker likes what he sees at Sturgis

See Cape Cod Times article about Charlie Baker's visit to Sturgis, November, 2013 HERE.


Washington Post Challenge Index rates Sturgis #1 in MA

On the recent 2013 Washington Post Challenge Index, Sturgis Charter ranked #1 in MA, #3 in the Northeast, and #70 in the U.S. among the best high schools in the U.S. For further information, please click on this link:

View the Challenge Index here.


Executive Director Eric Hieser is listed in "People to Watch in 2013
The individuals who are making a distinctive mark on Cape Cod in compelling ways"

View the Cape Cod Magazine article.


Eric is also featured in the March/April 2013 issue of Cape Cod View

"Conversation with Eric Hieser, Executive Director, Sturgis Charter Public School", Cape Cod View, March/April 2013: p.16-17.


Poetry Out Loud

Molly Brennan, Sturgis East Class of 2014 and Olivia LaBarge, Sturgis West Class of 2015 participate in regional finals of Poetry Out Loud:

"Taking the path less traveled: Poetry competition breaks boundaries" Cape Cod Times, March 4, 2013, p. A3.


"Create Culture of High Expectations of Students with Disabilities"

Sturgis is highlighted in Special Ed Connection. James, Paul. “Create culture of high expectations for students with disabilities.” Special Ed Connection. LRP Publications, 29 November 2012.


"Cape's Charter Schools Can Teach the 'big boys' About Thrift"

See the May 16, 2012 article from Cape Cod Today.


At Sturgis, Buildings Don't Make Schools, People Do

See the article about the Sturgis West expansion from, December, 2011


Growing Success in Barnstable

See the article from the Register, October, 2011


Chinese Educators Visit Sturgis

See the article from the Barnstable Patriot, October, 2011.


One Day, One Goal

See the photos from Cape Cod Times.


Inspirational Sturgis School Teacher Remembered

Thursday, February 10th, Sturgis Charter School students that had participated in the Poetry Out Loud competition recited their selections in a Poetry Celebration orchestrated in memory of Gretchen Buntschuh. Gretchen worked at Sturgis as an English teacher, associate director of the school, a grant writer, and International Baccalaureate Extended Essay adviser. She passed away last February. The students stood in front of a stained glass window constructed by Patrick Todoroff made in Buntschuh's honor. Read the Cape Cod Times article.

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Growing & Staying Small
Strategic Planning Leads Sturgis Charter Public School
to Develop of a Second Campus

As a result of the success and popularity of the “International Baccalaureate for All” program, Sturgis Charter Public School’s student admission waiting lists swelled to more than 400 students for the 2011-12 school year. In addition, a large number of requests by other schools to examine the school and program – over 80 visits in the past four years – has stretched the school’s resources. While these circumstances are gratifying and affirming, they present some questions. The strategic challenge is meeting the increasing demand for a Sturgis IB experience while continuing to be a leader in the dissemination of best educational practices.

The strategic plan of the Sturgis Board of Trustees includes a phased increase in the current enrollment of 400 grade 9-12 students to a maximum enrollment of 800 high school students, thus doubling the number of students who can access the Sturgis IB for All experience. The Sturgis Board plans to develop a second campus at 125 West Main Street in Hyannis that would replicate the Sturgis mission of IB for All and the vibrant school culture. The school also hopes to meet the growing requests of other educational institutions and professionals interested in IB for All and ensuring college readiness.

Important Guidelines for the Development of a Second Sturgis Campus

    The following principles are seen as critical to the development of a second campus for Sturgis
  • Maintaining and enhancing the quality and scope of the educational program, school culture, and activities/athletics at the current 427 Main Street
  • Replicating the mission, quality and scope of the educational program, school culture, activities/athletics of the 427 Main Street campus, including “IB for All”, is a fundamental premise for the development of the second campus
  • The current Sturgis Board of Trustees will provide the governance for both campuses, and the Executive Director will oversee the both educational programs
  • A significant majority of the faculty for the second campus will be recruited from outside of the school—only a few school leaders will come from current Sturgis faculty
  • The second campus will enroll students in grades 9 & 10 for school year 2011-12. The second campus will then offer grades 9-11 for 2012-13 and grades 9-12 for 2013-14
  • Student preferences for campus of attendance will be honored based upon their place in the admissions lottery

As of SY 2013-14 the second campus will have its own faculty, activities, and identity.

Click here for FAQs about Sturgis Charter School.

Articles about Sturgis' 2nd Campus:

Barnstable Patriot, 11/10

Boston Globe, 9/12/10

Barnstable Patriot, 8/27/10

In the Zone: Max effort from Sturgis' Young

Cape Cod TImes, January 14th, 2010

Max Young, Sturgis senior, is recognized for his involvement at Sturgis in Athletics, Community Service, and Jazz Band as well as striving for academic excellence. Max was named the 2010 Massachusetts High School Heisman Award winner. The award, decided on the basis of academics, athletics and leadership, is given to a boy and girl in each state. The article also addresses the difficulty Max had as a 13 year old to make the decision to choose Sturgis as a high school, and highlights the benefits reaped from the choice.


Breaking News

Outstanding MCAS Results for Sturgis!

The 2010 MCAS statewide assessment results are in and Sturgis has had its best results ever, ranking among the highest scoring districts in MA!!!

Sturgis Composite Performance Index (CPI) ranked #3 in English, 45 in Math, and #34 in Science out of more than 280 districts across MA. In addition, low income students at Sturgis ranked #1 in English, #1 in Math, and #9 in Science when compared with low income student results at MA schools. Finally, special education students at Sturgis ranked #7 in English, #3 in Math, and #10 in Science when compared to special education student results at MA schools.

Congratulations to Sturgis students, parents, and faculty for achieving these outstanding results!!!


2010: Sturgis Ranked in US Top 30 High Schools

Sturgis Charter Public School was once again ranked among the top 30 schools on the 2010 America's Best High Schools list released recently by Newsweek. This year Sturgis was ranked #28 in the U.S. and #1 in Massachusetts. The annual ranking by Newsweek, entitled the Challenge Index, ranks high schools on the extent to which students at the schools embrace the academic rigor of the International Baccalaureate or the Advanced Placement programs. This is the fourth year in a row that Sturgis has been ranked in the top 60 out of more than 12,000 high school in the U.S.

Three of the top five MA schools in the 2010 rankings were charter schools. Other top five schools included: Match Charter--#49, Boston Latin--#141, Belmont--#266, and Mystic Valley Charter--#278. For further information, you can access this link:

Congratulations goes to the Sturgis students, parents, faculty, and Board of Trustees for this ongoing recognition of the high quality, exemplary educational experience provided at Sturgis!


2010: Sturgis Makes US News List Of America's Best IB High Schools

From U.S. News & World Report "The International Baccalaureate program is globally recognized for its ability to prepare students for a college education. High school students enrolled in IB classes can earn college credit two ways. They can take individual IB subject tests, for which they can earn credit at some colleges if they score high enough. Students also can opt to earn an IB diploma after completing a series of IB courses and writing an extended essay. Many colleges grant students credit for the IB diploma. This chart spotlights all the IB schools in the America's Best High Schools rankings sorted by the percentage of 12th graders that took at least one IB test at some point during high school." Link to US News ALSO Read The Article On Wicked Local - Barnstable Edition


2010: Sturgis student discovers asteroid

From the Cape Cod Times: Two years ago, Kelsie Krafton took her first physics class. Now, she's discovering asteroids and soaring toward a career in astrophysics.

As a then-sophomore at Sturgis Charter Public School in Hyannis, Kelsie breezed through her first physics class. She was bored by how easy it seemed. But one day, she flipped on a television show about astrophysics and was hooked. Read the article in the Cape Cod Times.


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