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Sturgis Special Education Program is featured on the
International Baccalaureate's website:

"An International Baccalaureate education for all"

Sturgis is highlighted in recent Special Ed Connection:
"Create Culture of High Expectations for Students with Disabilities"



Special Ed Coordinator Jessica Lynch
Special Ed Teacher
Assistant Sped. Ed. Coordinator
Katie O'Hara
Special Ed Teacher Teresa Pacheco
Support Jack Enos, Nathan Furey,
Mike Jeghers, Rob Mullen


(left to right top) Jack Enos, Katie O'Hara, Theresa Pacheco, Rob Mullen Gene Pizzolato,
(bottom) Nate Furey, Jessica Lynch, Alyssa McClorey Timoh and Mike Jeghers (Not pictured: Katie McIntosh)


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Click here for a more detailed list of FAQ’s about Sturgis Special Education

  1. Is Sturgis required to follow the same special education laws and regulations that my son/daughter's sending school does?
    •  Yes, Sturgis has the same licensure requirements as other public schools.
  2. What kind of educational services are available at Sturgis?  
    • The services offered at Sturgis are similar to those offered by typical district public schools. They include but are not limited to: special education teachers and assistants; speech and language therapist; social skills instructor; reading teacher; college, academic, and personal counseling; and a full-time school nurse .
  3. What is the success rate of students who have disabilities?
    • Virtually all students with disabilities graduate from Sturgis and then become quite successful at college or university due to the outstanding preparation that they received while at Sturgis.
  4. Does Sturgis have an active Parent Advisory Council (PAC) for parents of students with disabilities?
    • Yes, Sturgis Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC) meets on a quarterly basis and has a web page for SEPAC news and meeting information: SEPAC


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